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Web Design

Web Design

We bring your website design vision and ideas to life through innovative custom design tailored to your business for your business.

The word "digital" is taking over the world one bit at a time everyday. Most companies today including small business cannot survive without a website or some kind of presence on the web. You need a website that represents your company and grow your business well. Leroux Agency can help you craft your next successful website for your client's need. Our team will create custom website designs, mobile friendly website, clear call to action buttons, and most importantly a website that drives leads. Let us elevate your brand!

Web Design Services




Mobile Friendly

Content Management

API Integrations

Custom Apps

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Web Design Process


Initial Consultation

Meet with one of our web design experts to discuss your business and the best strategy to bring success to your business. During the initial consultation, we will study your brand, the market and your competitors in order to identify key value-drivers and differentiators. We will also discuss design and main objectives to ensure we deliver a high quality website for your business. 


Integration & Optimization

Once the final design is approved, our team of experts will evaluate, measure and test all key aspects of the website to ensure continuous growth and non-stoppable improvements. Our team will also install all app integrations recommended by our team and requested by your team (i.e. Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, form automation, SEO keywords, etc.) This will drive targeted traffic to your website and take action on your website.



From initial consultation to reality. We will execute every task of our strategy discussed during the initial consulting in order to build the website. During the design phase, Our team will create the content Management System (CMS, landing page design, mobile friendly ability, clear call to action buttons, ADA compliance, and most importantly a website that drives leads. Let us elevate your brand!


Continue Support

Once your website is launched, the journey is far from over. Leroux Agency is here to support you and your team when you need it for the website. Whether it be backend maintenance, analytics analysis, or direction for your next big marketing campaign, our team of web design experts will be here to help reach your next objective. It is very important to mention that all websites require regular maintenance to ensure maximum performance in the online world. 

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