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Plant Based Cosmetics

Social Media Marketing

We establish and your online presence and increase website traffic with highly optimized images, content and SEO keywords. 

Social Media is continuously progressing and becoming a powerful online marketing resource for your company online exposure. Leroux Agency has extensive knowledge in the social media world and know how to implement effective social media strategies tailored for your business. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we use different social media marketing strategies including copywriting, designing and strategy to maximize the results for your business growth

Email Marketing Services

Social Campaign Planning

Audience Growth 

Paid Advertising

Campaign Content Creation

Monthly Reporting

Integrated Marketing


Social Media Marketing Process



During the initial consultation, we will study your brand, the market and your competitors in order to identify key value-drivers and differentiators. We will also analyze your social media accounts so we can help you put together the strategy.


Content Calendar

We will work with your team to develop a content calendar and overall strategy that will help your brand grow online and increase brand visibility. 


Content Creation

Communication is key in the social media world. We handcraft all of our clients' content that will help you stand out from your competition and keep your audience entertained. 



We will monitor important metrics on a bi-weekly basis to ensure your campaigns are seeing continuous growth as well as your social media campaign .

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